A Word of Inspiration

We all have dreams and aspirations. There is a big difference between the two. Let me explain my thoughts.
       To dream of something is to have repeated images,  in your thoughts, mind, or sleep. It is a series of longings for the same thing- over and over.
An example: Many young girls (and older ones) dream of the day they will get married. They have an image of what they and perhaps their spouse will look like.  The ceremony has played  in their head for years.  As they wait this dream has been etched in their memory.
In contrast, to an aspiration which is defined in dictionaries as a "strong desire, longing, aim or ambition". At a quick glance, they may appear to be the same. But if one looks closer they are not.
        An example of an ambitious person is found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Peter was called from a life of catching fish for a living to catching men as a calling. Perhaps, as a child, he dreamed of being a fisherman, continuing the family tradition. But then, he met this man, Jesus. Jesus told him, "Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men".*  Peter did not hesitate to lay down his nets and go with Jesus on this new adventure. An ambition was stirred in him. It put purpose and action behind the desire to follow him.  He aspired to be the man Jesus called him to be. He was still fishing, but for greater stakes. *(Matthew 4:7)
       A dream will keep you longing for something. It is the first phase of a change in life. God has given us all dreams. What we do with our dream is up to us. We can let it sleep dormant in the mind or allow the Holy Spirit to stir and nurture it.
        We have to step out of our comfort zone with action. The action part is the aspiration to accomplish the dream. This brings joy; as we are only truly happy when we are doing what Jesus calls us to do.
        As I recall one of the most famous stories of Peter I remember he is the one who walked on water. This was a great aspiration as he stepped out of a boat on the water to imitate Jesus. Before reaching Jesus Peter began to  sink. BUT...  Jesus was there to take his hand and carry him through to complete the task.
       He will do the same for you! All that is required of you is to have faith to step out of the boat. If you feel you are sinking, call out to Jesus and He will carry you to safety.  Amen​
​      I want to encourage you to stir the dream to become a reality in your life. Trust God- if He gave you the vision He will give you the provision to see it realized. But, first, you must step out and move towards fulfillment of the dream.
Then stand and see the hand of God move you to where you need to be. Just as Jesus did for Peter.