Spring is finally here! 

Hello friends,
My hubby added, "And pollen is in the air!"
Lol, yes, he is correct. I guess that is part of the “What do you see?” theory. “Is the glass half full or half empty?" 
            I hope this first quarter of 2019 has been kind to you. After many health issues last year, I was looking forward to a fresh start. That did not exactly happen─ but Praise to God, for He was with me!!! And now, I understand why so may health issues last year. An unknown disease was affecting my resistance.
            In January I went to the doctor to make sure pneumonia I had in November cleared. Praise God, it was! A female check was not so positive. I had obvious evidence of Cervical Cancer. So obvious, I left with a referral to a Gynecologic Oncologist. My appointment was a month away. That gave me a month to pray this through.
            On January 29 I got a phone call asking if I could come in the next day. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I hung up the phone, looked at my hubby and said, “God is giving me a Birthday present tomorrow. The doctor will not find anything!” It was my 60th birthday, I did not believe that was a coincidence. I had already done what I knew in the natural. I added Cancer combatting foods like apple cider vinegar, an avocado a day, and started taking Omega 3, which all have positive findings concerning Cancer fighters. I also prayed, fasted, and took Communion for my health. I cut my hair, short! I was not going to lose it to Chemo. I prepared how I knew in the natural. I prepared how I knew to in faith: I Spoke proclamations, I quoted healing scripture, and prayed with fasting (they fall in both categories); I put my faith in God. Now it was up to Him. I trusted Him and knew we were in this together.
            At the doctor appointment everyone was very compassionate and kind. They told me “It is okay to be scared.” I told them I was not. The nurse said, “Usually people come here not knowing, but you already know what it is, we just have to stage it and plan the treatment. So, that is to your advantage.” I told her,
                        “Today is my 60th birthday. I am here to get
                         a birthday present from God. The doctor                                            will not find anything. She was surprised
                         and offered,
                        “I hope so for your sake.”​​

The odd thing is, I was prepared for treatment. I was prepared to hear the type and stage- I mean I cut my hair off a week earlier! BUT that phone call the night before ignited a new faith and a new resound. I knew God did something or was getting ready to.
            Praise God the Oncologist could not find any evidence of Cancer. As a matter of fact, she found nothing abnormal! All she saw was healthy tissue. She even tried to get the skin to react to expose anything underlying- but nothing showed. She told me, “I cannot Biopsy healthy tissue. That is all I see. Your doctor gave me a very descriptive report of what she saw. I do not see any of what she saw.” I told her,
                        “I came to get a Birthday present from God.
                        Today I am 60. She said,
                        “Happy Birthday! Looks like you got your gift!
            I want to encourage others who struggle with “Where is God” or “Why me?” questions. God is alive and very capable of meeting your needs. Trust and faith are key elements of belief. Since then, I feel better than I have in a couple of years!  Amen! I hope this encourages you to hold on to faith and let God do the rest.​
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 Elizabeth (Liz) Gaudet Hilby 
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