2019 Newsletter Happy New Year!
 Hello friends,
     We enter a new year with new expectations, ambitions, and hopefully breakthroughs that alluded us in 2018.  

"Hi Son Shiners
A thought came to mind yesterday that is not my normal devotion. As I relaxed, last night a scene began to play in my head. It was from my High School years. It confirmed my earlier thought so here goes.
I was a cashier at Gibson’s Department store my Senior year. It was closing time when a girl jumped out of the car and ran into the store. A guy got out of the car and started yelling at her. I locked the door as I could see he was up to no good, and it was time to close. She stayed inside with us until we had to count the registers. She wouldn’t let us call the police or a cab. When we were leaving, she went back outside. She walked to the waiting car. He got out, grabbed her arm which was casted, and began beating it on the top of the car. She was screaming! I unlocked the door, ran out, and started yelling at him to leave her alone. The manager came to see what was going on. He called the police. The cast broke into pieces and fell off her arm. My manager told him to let her go. The guy jumped in the car and left as she stood there in pain. We brought her inside the store and talked as we waited for the police.
The guy was her husband! I told that was more reason to leave, he should not be beating you like that. The police arrived. She thanked me for my help and words. Then asked the police to bring her home. She said he was mad at her because she didn’t go get groceries, so it was her own fault. He broke the cast off her arm, so she could “Now, go buy the groceries.” The police told her that was no excuse for abuse, she could press charges against him and they would put her in a safe place. She wouldn’t. They brought her to the hospital for treatment and left a number with her to call for help.
A few days later, they came in the store together. Her arm was casted again. She told me, “He promised he’d never hit her again. I believe he means it this time. And I love him.” So she was with him choosing to live in this lifestyle.
I share that memory because it is on my heart to share today that IF you are in an abusive relationship, male or female, please break away to a safe place. Let 2018 be the last year you suffer at the hand of your abuser. Go into 2019 free from living in fear. I do believe this is for someone or it would not be on my heart to share.
You are loved, valuable, and a treasure to someone that thinks you were to die for. His name is Jesus. Jesus did not go to the cross and suffer abuse for you to continue to live in abuse. He bought your freedom and your pain. He wants to set you free. You are too valuable to be a punching bag to anyone. That is not loving. That is not how love acts. Love cherishes and comforts, protects, and wants to see you whole and healthy.

Heavenly Father, you know the names of those who are in abusive relationships. Abba, we lift them to your throne. Thank you for being their protection from worse harm to this point. We pray you would reveal yourself to them in a new way; in a love that cannot be masked or denied. Father protect them from any permanent harm to the body or spirit. We pray for supernatural strength in them to leave the abuser once and for all. As they enter a new year, help them to also enter a new hope. Help them to make the move to leave the anger and abuse behind in 2018 and start fresh with you. Lord, we pray send the laborers to cross their path with insight and a plan to help them make the move. We bind all fear and pray for your peace to bring them through to a new life and a new identity in Christ. In Jesus name, we pray. All who agree to say Amen.
From bent knees hugs & blessings, Liz"
An excerpt from https://www.facebook.com/authorofGod, December 31, 2018.
         As we go into the new year, lay aside the pain, the disappointment, and anything else that has held you in bondage. WE cannot walk in bondage to our past and freedom of our future at the same time. God is a God of freedom, peace, joy, and hope in the Holy Spirit. Let Him be your healer, helper, and deliverer to start a new journey in the new year. Amen 
      It is a blessed and humbling journey to be used by God to minister through writing. From bent knees and heart, I pray God's blessing to you and yours, Liz 

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